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this is so weird i keep thinking of things to write but my thoughts are going so fast that they’re being replaced like as soon as they come like?????


Carl Barât about Pete Doherty

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David Bowie, August 1972 

David Bowie, August 1972 

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WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY?!?!?!??! like oh my gosh you are a goddess!!!! your hair color is great and your makeup is flawless! have a nice day

omfg thank you so much, i promise you that i actually look like a toenail in person and i look marginally better in photos due to lighting and lies and make up!!! seriously thank you though youre a sweetheart omfg <333

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im being bullied. this sucks. they're calling me a man and saying im not wanted.


ohhh man i get so angry when i find out that people are being bullied, like i can guarantee you that you are wanted and you definitely dont deserve it, and i promise that it wont always be like this and eventually people will grow up and have to live with the fact that they bullied you  

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